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Workshop #1: Building bridges between science & business

The Bridge

In June 2016, the first The Bridge Summit was held in Lund, Sweden. Its objective is to create a platform where science and business can meet, connecting entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and investors with today’s most influential minds within life science and materials science.

More than 350 people from around the world attended this conference, focusing on clean water and health for everyone, how to make raw materials last longer and to make sustainable energy available everywhere.

One of the workshops at The Bridge 2016 was called “Building bridges between science & business”, and focused on finding the best conditions for things to actually happen. Here, Skanska pitched The Loop and its vision.

Here are some of the things that were discussed:

  • An open process is crucial for the project to succeed
  • The importance of areas to meet and to socialize
  • Ensure that the process of selection of customers and services is open, inclusive and takes into consideration
  • Multiple identities of the anticipated target audience
  • Let the place be formed by its inhabitants
  • Places for socializing such as Ping-Pong tables, a bar, playing areas, public living room, minimarket, etc
  • A futuristic concept of design however, functionality and usability should be prioritized
  • It’s not a just building, but a community of practice.

Thanks to all involved and look forward to more input and discussion ahead.

– The Loop

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