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What’s next in Science Village?

There are a lot of things going on in Science Village, even if most of it is hidden beneath the surface so far. Already visible, however, is the ongoing ground work for the tramway line between us and the city centre. Our platform is in place, and traffic is scheduled to start in the spring of 2020.

Very visible are also a multitude of sunflowers planted in all the planned blocks, and the grass on all the planned streets, of Science Village. This way, you can already see the structure and walk the future streets of the area. Recently, the old Odarslövs mill retrieved its wings. The garden is also ready, and the mill house is displaying the ESS and MAX IV exhibition since spring last year. It will remain here, until it moves on into a larger room inside the planned Space building.

To be able to proceed, we are now waiting for the city’s detailed development plan for the area. It is expected this autumn.

When it comes to building activities, the property company Wihlborgs Fastigheter is first in line. Wihlborgs will launch its Space project as soon as all permits are in place. In 2018, Skanska will start building activities for its The Loop project.

In the pipeline are the additional development rights held by Wihlborgs, and an option for the property company Akademiska Hus to build a house for Swedish university guests, possibly containing also office space for foreign guests, academic as well as commercial.

We are also waiting for a detailed development plan for two nano laboratories situated next to the MAX IV facility: one for Lund University, and one for the ProNano company. Here, research based start-ups and innovators will be able to test their ideas before they are ready to enter the commercial market.

– the Loop

Photo: Kristina Strand Larsson

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