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My thoughts on the Loop and how it connects with our Skanska values.

The idea with the Loop is to create a place where researchers, companies and organisations can meet. For Skanska, this project is unique. We are truly trying to do something new here and I am proud that Skanska, from a rather traditional industry, is the initiator of this process.

My hope is that the Loop will make a difference by physically bringing together people who has the same agenda but different approaches to problem solving. We think that when these people meet they can contribute to making our world a better place by creating sustainable business and jobs.

Skanska is a value driven company, we strive to build a better society. We are aiming to build not only with profit, but also with purpose. I personally see the aim with the Loop as a perfect match to our purpose. If we can create a place where life science and material research meet with business, perhaps they can solve some of the challenges in the world today. I am convinced that we all will benefit from that – people are better together. By building and developing the Loop we hope to match them. And we are doing it in the most sustainable way possible, also from a construction and a life cycle point of view. Then we are definitely contributing to building a better society.

– Gunnar Hagman, CEO Skanska Sverige

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