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Welcome to this autumn’s Loop Lunch with Eva Åkesson, Carina Jarl and Karin Ulfsdotter Crépin. Register here.

The Offer

The Loop is situated in Science Village in Lund, a part of the dynamic Greater Copenhagen where Scandinavia meets the world. With 4 million inhabitants, 17 universities and colleges of higher education, 14,000 researchers, 190,000 students, 19 science parks and innovation incubators, Greater Copenhagen offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge intensive research and business environment.

The Loop is also Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base for highly skilled employees. Opening in 2023, as the first building in Science Village, The Loop will be the gateway to Science Village.

In The Loop you will always meet the people you want to talk to and find the inspiration you need. 

More than just sustainability and smart facilities

As the first building to open in Science Village, The Loop gets to kick off the culture of collaboration and discovery that will be the foundation of the whole park. Here pioneering researchers, cities and regions along with cultural and business communities, meet to take new initiatives in new partnerships. The distance to other stakeholders, new disciplines and to concrete challenges and opportunities, is short in both time and space.

Global facilitation

More than a house with the latest sustainability technology, The Loop is a place for new possibilities. Up the main stairs, on Level 2, all facilities needed are available to help you define projects and create the collaborations that make use the unique research environment at ESS and Max IV. It’s the people and the businesses that make it tick. But it’s the visions and the symphonies that change the world.

Music all around

The concert and congress hall for 1200 people is an obvious reason for the public to spend time in Science Village. The families, the students and visitors from faraway, all make the cutting-edge research a part of the city and everyday life. The music with its tempos, beats and keys infuses the whole building and spreads to the surrounding village. It captures the very essence of the multi-disciplinary and always invites the unexpected “violinist to the room”.

Altitude Meetings

Altitude Meetings and The Bridge by Altitude will together be an integral part of the common facilities and collaborative culture in The Loop.

Read about Altitude Meetings here (Swedish) and The Bridge by Altitude here (English). Altitude Meetings will run The Loops conference rooms and collaborations arena – Level Two. With well-proven methods by The bridge.

Level Two

Next level Collaborations – Conference rooms & business opportunities. Managed by true professionals.

We offer professionally designed conference rooms, top class co-working spaces, proven methods for collaboration and a network that lets you connect science and business – for real.

More info soon!

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Questions about the offer?