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The Offer

The Loop will be the ideal venue for those who want to work in an environment that provides contact with, and access to, world-leading materials science research. In addition to the Science Village company, the building will play host to, among others, mediator companies (i.e. the companies that help others use ESS and MAX IV), academia and representatives from trade & industry. The Loop will meet the infrastructural needs of the research facilities, offering auditoriums, meeting rooms, educational premises and, potentially, small-scale laboratories.

The building will have 6 floors, with areas designed for companies, conferences, infrastructure, exhibitions and concerts. You are free to rent a whole floor or just a small office place!

The Loop will also offer a vibrant environment outside working hours. The building will house a gym and a first-class restaurant and bar, thus making The Loop an attractive meeting place even for those who don’t work there.

The Loop will be a shining example of what can be achieved when modern construction techniques are combined with high ambitions for sustainability.

Altitude Meetings

Altitude Meetings will run The Loops conference rooms and collaborations arena, Level Two. The Loop is Altitude Meetings third house – they already run the much talked about conference center STUDIO Meetingpoint in Malmö and Stadshallen in Lund. Altitude take pride in their work and offer top class meeting service. Altitude Meetings will make sure that you always have the network you need at your fingertips (even the one you didn’t know that you needed!) On top of this, they will provide everything from workshops, moderations and talks to content for conferences, speaker’s coaching – and the best fika you will ever get.

Read about Altitude Meetings.

The Bridge by Altitude

The Bridge was initiated in 2015 by Altitude Meetings, Invest in Skåne, Region Skåne, Medicon Village, Region Hovedstaden (The Capital Region of Denmark), CR Competence, MAX IV and ESS, with the purpose to connect science and business and speed up progress on the global sustainable development goals.

You will find The Bridge team at Level Two in The Loop. This is where you get access to a community of professionals that understand the value of collaboration, shared methods, challenges and opportunities with hundreds of likeminded.

Read more about The Bridge.

Level Two

Next level Collaborations – Conference rooms & business opportunities. Managed by true professionals.

At Level Two you get professionally designed conference rooms, top class co-working spaces, proven methods for collaboration and a network that lets you connect science and business – for real.

Information about Level Two!


Activities by Altitude in STUDIO (Malmö)

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Questions about the offer?