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When entering the building you immediately access the heart of the building. This is where the buzz is and it is here you meet all the people that you need to collaborate with. It is a services area filled with places for meetings, both planned and spontaneous. It is here you get your favourite coffee and experience something unexpected that gets your imagination and creativity going.

If you need advice on an ongoing idea you can easily reach out to the business service cluster that will help you on problems regarding legal issues, accounting, capital etc.

The entrance area also functions as a showroom and a testing area for all the research and innovation that goes on in the area. Innovation and research are displayed in a fun and accessible way.

Let’s meet. Let’s merge. Let’s evolve. Let’s Loop.

The Building

The Loop is built by Skanska and now owned by Vectura.
Premises with a total area of about 11 000 square metres:

• Science Village Hall for 1000 people – perfect for events, lectures, concerts and congresses
• Office spaces and laboratories 7500 square metres
• Restaurant and café 1000 square metres
• Common space 1300 square metres, including gym, locker rooms, lounge, mingling areas, common front desk (run by Altitude Meetings)
• Summing up the service options: restaurant, café, co-working spaces, office service, meeting rooms, locker rooms, gym, common front desk, open common spaces dedicated for relaxing and meetings (in connection with the tram stop)
• Architect: WHITE
• Number of floors: 6
• Sustainability: LEED Gold and Deep Green (Skanska’s certifications)
• Construction started in 2022
• Moving in starts 2024

Find the floor plans and drawings here!

Minimizing environmental impact isn’t enough

Today, most building projects compete in minimizing their environmental impact. Although, this usually only contains the operational phase. Our ambition is to surpass this and to decrease the environmental impact of the Loop to a minimum, including both the built in materials and building process as well as the operational phase. We care about the future, and therefore sustainability is a cornerstone and a natural ingredient. Not in order to eliminate negative influence but to create a positive footprint for its people and the environment.

We also have a long list of additional benefits, including – but not limited to – sun panels, facilities for cyclists, an electric car pool, and a biogas and electrical charging station for motor vehicles.

Science Village Hall

1200 square metres perfect for events, lectures, concerts and congresses.

The concert and congress hall for 1000 people is an obvious reason for the public to spend time in Science Village. The families, the students and visitors from faraway, all make the cutting-edge research a part of the city and everyday life. The music with its tempos, beats and keys infuses the whole building and spreads to the surrounding village. It captures the very essence of the multi-disciplinary and always invites the unexpected “violinist to the room”.

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