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An environmental challenge

Our environmental work kick-started with a climate neutrality workshop just before Christmas. We discussed the definition of climate neutrality, and what it means to the architecture, production and maintenance. We had a lively brainstorming session on what to call … Read More

Meet the architects

The Loop lies between two unique research establishments, the European Spallation Source (ESS) and the Max IV Laboratory, in Science Village on the north-east edge of Lund. You can’t take it for granted that it will become a destination even though both entities are a huge draw..Read More

Connected spaces. Connected people.

Currently just 15 per cent of the world’s population has proper access to fast internet. But as a recent article in Wired* explored, the digital divide is starting to close and endless possibilities open up.

As high-speed internet becomes … Read More

Learning from “jobs to be done”

Big data has made it possible for businesses to collect vast quantities of information about customers’ buying habits, geographical info, online interactions and much more. But while this method reveals patterns and correlations, it falls short of highlighting what … Read More

Reducing CO2-emmissions during construction

The city of Lund is currently striving to end the use of fossil fuels for city operations until 2020. In this work we have also been looking at working machines. We have found that it is easier to replace diesel … Read More

Stay in touch with the real world

Leland Stanford, founder of the university that bears his name, stressed the importance of crossbreeding academic studies with perspectives from real life. Since the start of the 20th century staff at the University have been actively encouraged to spend a … Read More

The future is waiting to be shaped

The opportunities arising around Science Village Scandinavia are huge. This is where world-leading research institutes are being built in bicycle distance of one of the finest universities and world renown companies.

Here is a place where the future is … Read More

Food for thought – eating healthy makes you smart

I would like to see one or more restaurants in the area that collaborates with scientists at Swedish universities to makes use of the latest findings in what we should eat to become and stay healthy.

Given the fact that … Read More

Lund meets the future

How can Lund meet the future and realize the expansion towards Northeast? The city is expanding, with the research facilities MaxIV and ESS, and Skanska has an exciting vision for this area, Brunnshög. Can we make this the place for … Read More

What happens between work and dinner?

Even if there are restaurants in the area people tend to go home after work. Because there is nothing to do between work and dinner. Unless you work in the city, or close by a shopping mall. You might … Read More

The coffee machine is important

Those who come here are high-performers. They are seekers and curious. Give them an opportunity to meet. I have spent a few years at the University College of London as a PhD. Dead boring premises! But spending time in … Read More

A small-scale creative chaos

When I visited Amsterdam few years ago, I took the boat to Noord. There is an old industrial building called the IJ-Hall. Inside, they had built an office landscape of containers and created as a small friendly neighborhood with … Read More

A change worth 200 million USD

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, chance encounters and unplanned interactions between knowledge workers improves performance. And it is not just an opinion.

The magazine uses Google, Facebook and Yahoo buildings as living proof. But even … Read More

Workshop #1: Building bridges between science & business

In June 2016, the first The Bridge Summit was held in Lund, Sweden. Its objective is to create a platform where science and business can meet, connecting entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and investors with today’s most influential minds within life … Read More

The ensō – the beauty of imperfection

We have chosen the ensō as the symbol for The Loop. In Zen Buddhism, this hand-drawn ink circle symbolizes absolute enlightenment, infinity, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void.

The ensō may be open or closed. The closed circle … Read More