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Loop Lunch 03-03-2022

Last week’s Loop Lunch!

We started off with some live music, performed by Christian Sundewall from Musik i Syd AB, who played the Ukrainian national anthem on the cello. This was followed by a sharp and inspiring trend analysis by Charlotte Sjödell, senior lecturer … Read More

Past: Loop Lunch – 12th of Nov 2021

Lund University plays a vital role in creating a knowledge environment with modern and developed opportunities for teaching, research and external engagement in Science Village. At our latest Loop Lunch we had Lund University Science Village Office team, Musik i … Read More

Lund attracts large companies!

It is no coincidence that several well-known brands are currently making new investments in the Lund area.

According to Petter Magnusson Hartman, CEO of Medicon Village, this is partly due to Brunnshög’s infrastructure and the cutting edge research facilities (European Spallation Source … Read More

Oatly – Welcome to Science Village!

The establishment in Lund and Science Village feels like a natural step, says Oatly’s global innovation manager Sofia Ehlde.

World-leading expertise in plant breeding and unique instruments for studying materials down to nano level at MAX IV and European Spallation Source (ESS) – … Read More

How does the business sector build the research environment where everyone wants to be because everyone is already there?

Present from the start – how does the business sector build the research environment where everyone wants to be because everyone is already there?

As part of the Almedalen program, Skanska and The Loop invites to a discussion around what … Read More

Daniel Fex and Calle Håkansson in an interview about The Loop (in swedish)

An interview with Calle Håkansson and Daniel Fex was made by Stadsutveckling Lund yesterday!

Vad är The Loop och vilken roll kommer huset att spela i Science Village? Vi tog ett snack med Daniel Fex på Skanska och Calle … Read More

Lund – one of Europe’s most cultural and creative cities!

According to ”The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor” – a report from the European Commission.

Anders Mildner at Altitude Meetings is part of The Loop and looks forward to make research and culture available to more people.

Full article here (in Swedish):–gora/kultur/kreativa-lund/anders-mildner/

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What is Big science?

Some people think of big machines or laboratories, others think of large and complex organisations with many employees, and yet others think of the Pyramids or the massive Human Genome Project.

Olof Hallonsten writes in Big Science i småstaden (2018) … Read More

Science Village – an important meeting venue even 5800 years ago!

Archeologists have found ceramics, tools and tombs, close to The Loop and Mölleängen. Signs of a village with ten huts and two bigger houses have also been discovered where European Spallation Source ERIC is now being built.

During the Scandinavian … Read More

An unexpected guest during your meeting?

During one of the seminars at #iställetföralmedalen, Anna Stenstam from CR competence came up with an interesting suggestion.

Wouldn’t be exiting to have the opportunity to sign up for an unexpected guest to drop in during your meeting in The … Read More

Loop – The house that solves the global challenges?

As a part of #iställetföralmedalen this seminar was arranged by Skanska.

Max IV is up and running, in December the trams will start rolling and ESS will open in 2023. Brunnshög in northeast Lund is expected to provide 40,000 jobs … Read More

The Loop at #iställetföralmedalen

Almedalen is cancelled. But the public debate is to important to be cancelled.

Therefore, Altitude Meetings will host a full week of live streamed public debate, starting Monday next week.You are able to follow everything, free of charge, on their … Read More

What’s going on in the neighborhood?


A few hundred meter south of the location of European Spallation Source (ESS), MAX IV and the Loop, the contruction of a convent garden called “Hage” has just begun. The garden will add value to the place, where a … Read More

New date for the tram!

December 13 is the new starting date for Lund’s tram line. Join us for a ride on one of the seven trams. (They are called Inferno, Sfinxen, Lindeman, Blåtand, Brandklipparen, Saxo Grammaticus and Åsa-Hanna.)

Read more in Sydsvenskan!

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Sustainable business – it’s in the cards!

Pic: Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth – creators of MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations

How do you start your strategic work with sustainable development within your company or organization? Here’s a smart new way – using a deck of … Read More

What can we expect?

We asked Lise Arleth, from Copenhagen University, what outcomes we can expect in the field of life science – as a result of ESS and MAXIV. Watch the video here!

You can also watch Lise’s The Bridge Talk, where she … Read More

This is The Loop!

..and how it’s all connected!

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Take a look inside the heart of ESS!

The builders is now half way to complete the world’s most powerful neutron source.  Watch the video here!Read More

Read about our latest lunch!

The Loop is being developed in an open process, where we are engaging with as many people and organisations as possible. We regularly organise Create The Loop Lunches, with interesting guests and topics. Read about our last lunch here (in Swedish).

Read More

Free talk about fashion and sustainability

The fashion industry has an enormous impact on the climate. The average Swede buys 13 kilos clothes every year – and throws away 8. Is fashion and sustainability really something that can be combined?

Welcome to The Bridge Talk … Read More

Welcome to our next Create The Loop Lunch!

Do you want to learn more about The Loop and Science Village? Welcome to our next Create The Loop lunch, Tuesday September 24, 11.30-13.00!

The Loop is a future-embracing house that is not yet built. But the community of … Read More

Tram relay race – a great experience

Yesterday, we celebrated that the tram line from Lund Central to ESS soon is finished! Together with a couple of hundred others, our team from LEVEL TWO (The Loop’s conference space and collaboration arena) ran along the tram line … Read More

Join the tram relay race!

Can you run faster than the tram?

To celebrate Lund’s new tram line, a relay race is held on September 17. 

The race follows the tram line and all teams are welcome to sign up. 

And yes – our … Read More

The Science Center – our neighbour

Next to The Loop, a brand new Science Center will take place. The center will open in 2024 – and now we know what it will look like! With a stunning green public space in the center of the building, … Read More

Take a look at the surroundings!

This is what Science Village looks like today. And this is where we are creating The Loop!

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Using cellphones as microscopes

Two weeks from now, Los Angeles scientist and innovator Aydogan Ozcan is coming to Malmö for a big conference. He is also attending The Bridge Talk in Malmö, June 25, talking about how we can use cellphones as microscopes … Read More

A chance to benefit from the flow of cutting-edge researchers

When ESS and MAX IV are in full operation, some 5,000 researchers will be visiting every year. If you create interesting enough environments around the research facilities, it will give researchers reason to stay a little longer or come … Read More

We need a new place to meet

The important thing is having meeting places in our everyday life. I hope the Loop will be such a vital venue, where we can meet and mingle informally. Another reason to look forward to the construction of the Loop … Read More

A park customised for a windswept neighbourhood

When it comes to wind and weather, the Brunnshög district is a very, very exposed part of Lund. It is windy almost all of the time! Additionally, the people who will be staying here will need a massive landscape … Read More

Humour and research has a lot in common

We live in a fantastic region. Here, ESS, Science Village and the Brunnshög area are not only a local concern – not even only a Swedish one – but just as much an international issue. The development of this … Read More

Create the Loop lunch #3

Welcome to a fun and creative lunch at a high pace and where ideas are allowed to flow freely!

When: Thursday 5/4 at 11.20 – 13.15 Where: Hörsalen, Domkyrkoforum, Kyrkogatan 4, Lund.

After a brief presentation of the Loop and the … Read More

The land agreement is signed!

The land agreement is compleated and signed!

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Science Village, ready to launch IRL

A lot has happened during my first four years as CEO for Science Village Scandinavia here in Lund. I am especially pleased with recent events on the national level in Sweden hosted by Vinnova/Vetenskapsrådet and SWEbeams. Finally, we have … Read More

Create the Loop lunch #2

Welcome to a fun and creative lunch at a high pace and where ideas are allowed to flow freely!

When: Thursday 25/1 at 11.20 – 13.15 Where: Medicon Village, Scheelev 2, Lund (Gamla Gästmatsalen, level 2, building 302) Theme:Read More

A fantastic catalyst for regional growth

Coming from Silicon Valley, I have had first-hand experience of the importance of having universities, equity and cutting edge-technology companies assembled all in the same place. This is key if you want to combine business and science successfully and … Read More

Welcome to the Create-the-Loop lunch, Wednesday, November 22

In the center of the emerging Science Village, the Loop will be a meeting place for future driven researchers, companies and organizations. The purpose of the Loop is to connect science and business in order to gain commercial … Read More

A place for creating working relationships

To me, it is all about using available resources as smart as possible. That is why I am so interested in everything that has to do with disseminating knowledge. Knowledge has to be spread to be beneficial to others. … Read More

What’s next in Science Village?

There are a lot of things going on in Science Village, even if most of it is hidden beneath the surface so far. Already visible, however, is the ongoing ground work for the tramway line between us and the … Read More

My thoughts on the Loop and how it connects with our Skanska values.

The idea with the Loop is to create a place where researchers, companies and organisations can meet. For Skanska, this project is unique. We are truly trying to do something new here and I am proud that Skanska, from … Read More

Join Skanska and the Loop in creating a showcase of sustainable living and working.

Your product or service can be implemented in the building and extraordinary innovations will be highlighted in Skanska’s global communications.

Before 2018-03-01, send us a description of your companies offer together with a estimation of the potential gain and … Read More

Inspiration from Amsterdam

This spring we visited some really nice places in Amsterdam. Above you see a selection of pictures from our trip. Inspiration from: B.AMsterdam, SPACE, NDSM Amsterdam and Creative Valley Ulrecht Photos: White architectsRead More

Designing for casual collision

What we do by networkning, The Loop wants to do in a physical form. It will be an invaluable addition to the meeting of research and industry in the region.

I am Project Manager for The Bridge, a network … Read More

Good Mood Wood – a joint development effort

There is a lot of talk right now about constructing tall buildings and large wooden structures to make them climate smart, and that people feel better living and working in wooden buildings. Wood is growing in importance as a … Read More

Music produced by the sun: Sonification

Urban farming on buildings is happening more and more. But can roof tops also be used for a more creative purpose rather than a rational one, and if so, then why?

Well. Creativity and sustainability goals is probably what … Read More

A Day of Sustainability

To be able to reach the set up sustainability goals within the Loop, everyone working in the project must know the goals and how they apply to their daily work. On May 15 the project team therefore will have … Read More

Cultural stimulation is beneficial to research scientists

At the Faculty of Engineering (one of the eight faculties at Lund University) I do research work into the properties and characteristics of air pollution and their effect on and connection with our health.

I must admit that bringing … Read More

Music in maths

The very thought that music could be an integral part of the Science Village scene is hugely exciting…and it feels right as well. It would be a really bold approach to bring culture into such a specialised setting and … Read More

What is climate neutrality?

Climate neutrality can include the finished building, i. e. the energy use and generation during operation of the building, or it can have a wider meaning and include the production, and sometimes even the demolition of the building too. … Read More