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Sustainable business – it’s in the cards!

Pic: Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth – creators of MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations

How do you start your strategic work with sustainable development within your company or organization?
Here’s a smart new way – using a deck of cards!

MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations is a catalyst for strategic conversations and decisions.
The cards help you define and give structure to your organization’s work with sustainable development within the circular economy, zero waste, climate change mitigation, planetary and social boundaries, human rights, inclusion, stakeholder involvement, and much more.

In its simplest form, the cards work as conversation starters, ice-breakers, or the basis for a high-priority to-do list for the organization. In more complex exercises, the cards will help you build a foundation for developing and conducting business strategies or innovation processes, development of products and services, materiality analysis, impact measurement, and sustainability reporting.

MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations is a collaboration between MethodKit, Circulous, and The Good Tribe. Check it out!

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