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Science Village – an important meeting venue even 5800 years ago!

Archeologists have found ceramics, tools and tombs, close to The Loop and Mölleängen. Signs of a village with ten huts and two bigger houses have also been discovered where European Spallation Source ERIC is now being built.

During the Scandinavian Iron Age, one of the largest meeting places have been discovered in Uppåkra, five kilometers south of Lund. Objects that have been found indicates that the area was a center for trade, religion and politics. Due to a large amount of travels and encounters between cultures, ideas and innovations spread. The inhabitants of Uppåkra were connected with the Roman Empire and the Roman army. Thanks to this, they acquired increased knowledge of anatomy and medicine.

The first ever cultivated grains have also been found here. The grains have been examined with the same technology that will be used at ESS. The world-leading research facilities can give us answers about the past!

(The text is summarized and translated from Science Village Scandinavia ABwebsite. The picture is a landscape reconstruction by Henning Cedmar Brandstedt)

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