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Reducing CO2-emmissions during construction

The city of Lund is currently striving to end the use of fossil fuels for city operations until 2020. In this work we have also been looking at working machines. We have found that it is easier to replace diesel of fossil origin than we thought. Electricity can in some cases be the replacement, which also gives better working conditions in relation to noise, vibrations and air quality. The cost for this has been lower than expected. In several cases the replacement has been synthetic bio-diesel (HVO).

As buildings and facilities gradually become more energy-efficient, the part of the total CO2-emissions related to construction increases. Because of this I suggest that you also look for alternatives to fossil fuels during construction.

– Linda Birkedal, Lunds kommun


  1. Johanna Nordström

    Hi Linda!
    We agree completely. Skanska uses HVO at ESS and other construction sites, and strive to do so at as many of our construction sites as possible. We test electrical vehicles as well where possible, and have the same experience as you. We now focus on increasing the availability of non fossil based fuels so that more projects can switch to better options.
    The Loop will focus on becoming climate neutral over a 50 year life cycle. One important part of succeeding is reducing the carbon dioxide emissions during construction. Vehicles and transports typically stand for about 15% of the climate gas emissions during construction, which means that switching fuels will play an important role in our work towards carbon neutrality. The remaining 85 % of the climate gas emissions mainly stem from building materials (extraction, processing and manufacturing). Minimized material consumption and sustainable materials will therefore be important to us in the design and construction process.
    If you discover new solutions we would love to know about them.
    Johanna Nordström, Skanska Sweden.

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