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Music produced by the sun: Sonification

Urban farming on buildings is happening more and more. But can roof tops also be used for a more creative purpose rather than a rational one, and if so, then why?

Well. Creativity and sustainability goals is probably what lead to people engaging in urban farming in the beginning, and it’s no secret creative minds, just like plants, need to be fed in order to grow and nourish. Let’s discuss other options to help future residents of The Loop explore alternative mindsets and boost cooperations as well as inspire to great ideas.

Music created by raw data from NASA
Ever heard of Sonification? In short, music composers use f.e raw sun data collected by NASA to transform it into music. It is a way to audiofy data which by itself cannot reach the human ear, but contains a lot of information. The result can be ambient or noisy, low key or high key depending on what audio settings the composer or artist chooses. Since certain music genres is known to stimulate people’s effectiveness in different ways. Robert Alexander is probably the most known composer to have used this technique and put his work on YouTube.

Other data sources and what to do with it
There is even the possibility to use data collected from the wind, or from nearby traffic.
But what to do with the music created by the sun? Imagine office environments with a musical backdrop, enhancing social interactions as well as individual work performance or even recreation for the mind. Music can be constantly present, or accessible in specific areas of the building. Perhaps even visualized by visual artists? Individuals could connect to a open audio network and choose to listen with headphones.

One can only imagine the results when scientists work alongside businesses in a creative environment, hearing the same ambient sonification sounds.

– Erika Nyström

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