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The very thought that music could be an integral part of the Science Village scene is hugely exciting…and it feels right as well. It would be a really bold approach to bring culture into such a specialised setting and would help create ‘the big picture’. It would also help introduce a few softer values to the science community, which in turn would strengthen the image of Sweden as a welcoming nation and a country where culture is an important part of society.

Lund really needs a proper concert hall. It’s a creative place and lots of music gets produced here. It has a unique choral community, a nationally acclaimed cultural school and there are a lot of young people making music. The town lacks a place that can house a big orchestra or ensemble and a large audience. I believe many people would be interested.

The whole region is strongly committed to the Science Village. Region Skåne is one of its owners and Max IV and ESS are vital components in the development of southern Sweden. By making room for culture within the Science Village, they are sending out a strong message and it could become a regional hub. It could pave the way for regional projects including cultural schools, child and youth activities, etc. And it would be more than just the people of Lund who would benefit. It would support the vision for the entire Brunnshög’s project with externally focused activities far beyond Lund’s boundaries.

When researchers from all over the world come to Lund they should feel that they have come to a place with a high quality of life. It’s more than just a great place to work. It’s about creating good vibes and positive experiences. If you feel at home in a place, it can have a positive effect on the research work being done.

I can’t think of anything that compares to this. Creating not just a concert house, but an auditorium which is an integral part of a centre for science and business, is unique. And making the concert house part of an existing building, instead of some solitary prestigious edifice, is really breaking new ground. Everyone will benefit from such an exciting and creative place, and it can become a thriving and vibrant centre even outside the concert programs. There are also economics benefits: it’s sensible to share the responsibility for financing and for filling the space with meaningful content.

It all fits in with my vision of how Skåne can become an even stronger cultural centre. Pythagoras was one of the first to realise that music and science go hand in hand and although I cannot claim to be a mathematician, it seems obvious that the idea is far too good to not get the attention it deserves.

– Martin Martinsson, Managing Director of Musik i Syd.

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