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Humour and research has a lot in common

We live in a fantastic region. Here, ESS, Science Village and the Brunnshög area are not only a local concern – not even only a Swedish one – but just as much an international issue. The development of this part of the city has more important implications than local politics; it is about developing the future.

I am certain that we have the ability, and this is also what makes me feel so great about being from Lund. Here, it is our second nature having international contacts, doing research, creating innovation and practice entrepreneurship at a high international level. Sometimes it is about receiving – facts and experiences – in other cases it is about sending and communicating ourselves. In today’s climate, however, we can all need a reminder about the value of listening and observing, and about how letting others enter and tell their stories at our arenas can make us all grow. Also as a residential area, Brunnshög is an area with major opportunities. How can we profit from its link to research and academy in Lund, to our proximity to Copenhagen, and to the general pioneering spirit there?

Culture can be a tool here. I am a firm believer in collisions between different disciplines, and when it comes to Science Village, I know that the involvement of the Musik i Syd organisation is a quality stamp and a guarantee for depth as well as for width in what will be offered.

Maybe another answer can be found in humour. Comedians and researchers often use the same creative wells, and in a subject like physics, improvisation and playfulness are essential elements. But above all, and whether it is about culture, research or entertainment, it is crucial that we gather, share each other’s thoughts and build on others’ talent and ideas.

Johan Wester
Johan Wester is a Swedish comedian and entrepreneur who in recent years has established himself also in the urban development conversation.

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