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Good Mood Wood – a joint development effort

There is a lot of talk right now about constructing tall buildings and large wooden structures to make them climate smart, and that people feel better living and working in wooden buildings. Wood is growing in importance as a building material, and evaluating Cross Laminated Timber (or massive wood) is high up on Södra’s agenda. CLT makes it possible to build whole wall elements from wood rather than concrete. Manufacturing CLT elements entails a whole new production system, so the transition will take time. For us, this is simply a refinement of what we already do. Rather than just delivering boards, we want to make more finished products, built for direct mounting.

There is a distinct trend in the industry, and demand for highly refined wood products is increasing rapidly. We have had several interesting discussions with Skanska regarding The Loop in Science Village and the importance of wood. Skanska appear to think holistically in everything they do: not just that they build, but how they should build and how they can facilitate a dynamic content. We find it exciting to share these impulses, but we know that far from everyone is ready for a transition.

Research shows that increasing the use of wood in buildings and interiors has a major positive effect on health and the environment. I believe we have a tremendously exciting journey ahead of us – developing rational building with massive wood. It will require new knowledge and expertise, which we can find together. Environmental considerations are vital, of course, but it also has to be cost effective. Otherwise the change will never really take off.

– Jörgen Lindquist, Business Area Manager, Södra Wood

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