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The future is waiting to be shaped


The opportunities arising around Science Village Scandinavia are huge. This is where world-leading research institutes are being built in bicycle distance of one of the finest universities and world renown companies.

Here is a place where the future is waiting to be shaped. Two big institutes, MAX IV an x-ray machine with the mission to make the invisible visible and ESS, an international collaboration to build the worlds most powerful neutron source, are already there. Lund University is in the process of deciding which parts of its activities will move there. Construction for the new tram is about to start. Architects for private housing have been selected. This is the time to join the trend and to shape the way this region will look.

The research facilities will bring thousands of scientists from any area of natural science and across Europe to Science Village Scandinavia. The scientists are eager to interact with the students and faculty from Lund University. Together they will inspire companies developing novel materials, processes and services. All of these people will create a unique and vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the service offered by shops, restaurants, hotels and meeting venues. Sooner or later many will bring their families along and some will come to stay. The long academic tradition of Lund will give rise to an innovative science village. Brunnshög will become a vibrant, enjoyable and sustainable village inspiring not only Scandinavia.

We at Max IV Laboratory are in Brunnshög already. Now it is up to you to come and join us.
Together we can shape the future.

– Christoph Quitmann, Director, MAX IV Laboratory

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