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Food for thought – eating healthy makes you smart

I would like to see one or more restaurants in the area that collaborates with scientists at Swedish universities to makes use of the latest findings in what we should eat to become and stay healthy.

Given the fact that ESS has some plans for making use of their excess heat in greenhouses it should be possible to grow much of the food needed in close vicinity to the restaurants.

There are several chefs in Skåne and Copenhagen area that already do this, some of them with very high profile. Having one or more of those chefs putting up shop in Science Village would attract customers from far away, not only the local work-force, thus making the area attractive for a broader public and preventing it from being a community only for scientists.

Since both Sweden and Denmark is renowned for our food and people (foodies) travel from all over the world to enjoy it, the market is already established and need not a lot of marketing to get going. Having known chefs and restaurants established in the area that attract customers by them self (not only for lunchtime but also for dinner in evenings) should make it easier to get a good economy throughout the whole chain.

And of course – world class facilities with world class scientists making world class research deserves world class ”brain food”. 😉

– Tutti Johansson Falk, Head of Communications, MAX IV Laboratory

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