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A fantastic catalyst for regional growth

Coming from Silicon Valley, I have had first-hand experience of the importance of having universities, equity and cutting edge-technology companies assembled all in the same place. This is key if you want to combine business and science successfully and I think the Loop can be a fantastic catalyst for regional growth and commercial breakthroughs for scientific progress. Sol Voltaics most certainly would benefit from such an environment.

The MAX IV Laboratory and the European Spallation Source (ESS) represent the best technologies of their kind in Europe. The Loop can build on this. It can be a showcase and nucleation point for bringing the critical innovation triad of academia, finance and technology companies to one region.

Six years ago, Sol Voltaics set out to provide a revolutionary impact on solar generated energy using a manufacturing methodology called Aerotaxy invented by Professor Lars Samuelson at Lund University. Aerotaxy provides a continuous flow of GaAs solar cell nanowires, which provide the basis of Sol Voltaics solar cell product called SolFilm™. GaAs solar cells are known for high efficiency, but because of its manufacturing costs the material has only been used in high-end markets such as satellites. Aerotaxy has changed this. Aerotaxy based SolFilm™, when placed on standard solar cells, will boost efficiencies by 50% at costs equivalent to today’s lower efficiency cells.

Recently, we signed a Letter of Intent with Skanska, agreeing to use our solar cells in Skanska projects. It is a win-win situation, where we get to work with one of the top ten construction companies in the world, focusing on new energy solutions. Now, we can provide Skanska with one of the most cost-effective energy solutions on the market. A very convenient place for this is the Loop, an amazing initiative by Skanska and an interesting way forward. We are determined to participate and be a part of the development here.

– Erik Smith, CEO Sol Voltaics

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