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Designing for casual collision

What we do by networkning, The Loop wants to do in a physical form. It will be an invaluable addition to the meeting of research and industry in the region.

I am Project Manager for The Bridge, a network set out to connect scientists and entrepreneurs. We started 2016 as a vehicle for change and want to push humanity forward by linking science and business. We reach out to entrepreneurs, global companies, opinion makers and investors that want to discuss, innovate and be part of the solution for obtaining sustainable development goals.

Our overall idea is that the world faces a number of challenges, which can only be solved with the help of research and cross-collaborations. At the same time there are already research findings that could solve some of these challenges — but the different parties do not know each other and can therefore not be united. By building, developing and refining our network we can match them.

The Bridge offers lectures like The Bridge Talks and The Bridge Lunches as well as hands-on workhops where challenges are identified, solutions found and co-operations. Every year we also arrange a bigger meeting; The Bridge Summit. This year it will be held in Copenhagen for two days in August and participants from all over the world will meet up to share knowledge, get inspiration and decide on actions.

For us, like for the Loop, the goal is to facilitate the meeting between life science and material research, and business. I guess few places in the world are as suitable for this as the Öresund Region. Here we already have a huge life science cluster, and with ESS and Max IV, Universities and disruptive start-ups can offer world-class materials research. And when it comes to business, the Öresund region is one of the most vigourus regions in Northern Europe.

The Loop will make a unique difference by physically bringing together people who has the same agenda but different approaches. When they can seriously unite they will contribute to making our world a better place by creating healthy, sustainable business and jobs.

You can’t schedule innovation or idea generation, but you can build and design for ”Casual collision”. This is what we ourselves try to create in our work environment, and it is also the very core of the concept for the Loop.

Yasemin Arhan Modéer,
Project Manager at The Bridge

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