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Cultural stimulation is beneficial to research scientists

At the Faculty of Engineering (one of the eight faculties at Lund University) I do research work into the properties and characteristics of air pollution and their effect on and connection with our health.

I must admit that bringing the worlds of science and commerce closer together is not as interesting to me as it might be to others. The research I do has no obvious commercial outcome. I also think that it is important that research work remains independent.

The Science Village is still interesting, though, as our department is doing some work at Max IV. But at the moment it feels like the whole area is a bit off-side from all that is happening down town in Lund. I’m afraid it may become a bit bleak and desolate after six o’clock at night.

But I can imagine as a visiting researcher, post doc student or research student it would be practical and maybe even cool to live close to the two big labs, Max IV and ESS. You wouldn’t have to commute and you’d be among your colleagues. But as it is a bit away from the picturesque centre of Lund, it’s important that there are other things on offer such as cafés, bars and even shops to provide some sort of life after work. They are discussing some sort of cultural centre, which would be fantastic. Lund hasn’t got a big auditorium, and cultural stimulation is good for research work. The convergence of science and art, music and theatre (where each player has a different way of looking at and interpreting things) can often be fruitful. But as the research I’m involved in isn’t commercial, the proximity of the business world is no real advantage. For me, the meeting of science and culture is much more interesting.

– Christina Isaxon, Assistant Professor Aerosol Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University


  1. Andreas Lundberg

    Christina, thank you for your input. We have a deep respect for the fact that a lot of research isn´t commercial and never will be. In The Loop we often stress the fact that values is not always commercial and we welcome all input we can get so that the actual building will be percived that way as well.

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