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Connected spaces. Connected people.

Currently just 15 per cent of the world’s population has proper access to fast internet. But as a recent article in Wired* explored, the digital divide is starting to close and endless possibilities open up.

As high-speed internet becomes available to the majority, not the few, the idea of the “connected street” will transform urban areas. Healthcare will become more streamline through certified apps and digital services. Employment opportunities will increase, not just via online job ads, but through digitised transport services to commute cheaper and faster. More efficient management of buildings and public spaces will also bring down housing costs and raise standards of living.

It is a given that The Loop will have faultless, high-speed internet. But how can we integrate the “connected street” into our work? Internal apps can help us book a room, find staff and talk to each other. We can build the digital into the physical with touch screens, smart devices and on-demand services. We will continue to explore these areas to make spaces and people more connected.

*D. Doctoroff, The Wired World in 2017, Annual Trends Briefing, 2016/2017, Faster Internet Speeds Will Upend Our Urban Spaces.

– The Loop

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