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Join Skanska and the Loop in creating a showcase of sustainable living and working. Read more here.

In a dynamic region

The Loop is situated in Science Village in Lund, a part of the dynamic Greater Copenhagen where Scandinavia meets the world. With 4 million inhabitants, 17 universities and colleges of higher education, 14,000 researchers, 190,000 students, 19 science parks and innovation incubators, Greater Copenhagen offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge intensive research and business environment. It is also Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base for highly skilled employees.

Features and services

The Loop will provide a meeting place where innovation, business and finance can shape the future together. It will offer customized features and services like a business centre, conference rooms, labs and green space to facilitate both planned and spontaneous meetings, 24/7. Restaurants and cafées are of course planned for, as well as a concert hall.

We also have a long list of additional benefits, including – but not limited to – sun panels, facilities for cyclists, an electric car pool, and a biogas and electrical charging station for motor vehicles.

A knowledgeable environment

The Loop has two of the world’s most astonishing facilities as its neighbours:

The European Spallation Source (ESS) opens in 2022. It will be the leading centre for life science and materials research, based on the world’s most powerful neutron source.

MAX IV is already running. It enables researchers to explore materials quicker and at higher resolution than ever before by providing the brightest X-ray source in the world.

Science Village is part of the Science Road, connecting academia and the region’s largest workplaces for knowledge-intensive businesses — from the city centre, all the way to ESS. Today, 25,000 people are working along the Science Road and 30,000 students commute here daily.

Soon, Science Village will be connected to the city centre and the railway station by tram. By train, it is only 33 minutes to Scandinavia’s busiest airport for international travel, Copenhagen Airport. By car, you can reach the European E-road network of highways within minutes. And, of course, it’s easy to reach Science Village and the Loop by bike as well.

Minimizing environmental impact isn’t enough

Today, most building projects compete in minimising their environmental impact. Although, this usually only contains the operational phase. Our ambition is to surpass this and to decrease the environmental impact of the Loop to a minimum, including both the built in materials and building process as well as the operational phase.

To achieve this, The Loop will:

• Use as less energy as possible and the energy anyway needed is from sources that minimize the climate impact; electricity produced from solar cells and waste heat from ESS.

• Be carbon conscious. Skanska Sverige has set the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. The Loop will lead the way with the ambition of making up for 100% of its life cycle CO2 emissions. By minimizing the quantity of materials and prioritizing low CO2 emitting building materials the amount of embedded carbon will be very small. The carbon anyway needed will be compensated for through proprietary electricity production over a time span of 50 years. The Loop is Skanska’s first project with this high carbon ambition, the start of our journey towards a carbon neutral future.

• Use zero hazardous materials, zero unsustainable materials, have zero waste in the building process and be a net zero energy building. By this it will be a Skanska Deep Green Project – our very finest reward concerning sustainability.

Of course, sustainability goes a lot further than environmental issues and we are constantly working on how to implement our engagement also in a social context.

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